Targeting Methods

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Display Network, unlike Search ads, offers far more targeting methods, beyond keywords, which we can utilise to refine your target audience further:


Keywords are still important, as Google will show your ads when its keywords match specific searches.


Google classifies all web content as it’s crawled into topic based buckets. Ads can be targeted at many sites that fall into a specific category very easily, often resulting in more impressions than keyword targeting, as it is less specific.


Similar to topics, but more focused on the individual, as Google identifies content that interests specific users. We are then able to target users who have shared interests, and interest in the same products and services.


You can decide where your ad will be displayed—whether throughout an entire site, in one specific ad slot, or on mobile apps—and we can plan the perfect display strategy to optimise impressions and drive down the price per click.


Age, gender, parental status, and other biographical filters can be used to refine your audience, and is especially effective in combination with other targeting methods.

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