Shopping Campaigns (PLAs)

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If you’ve brought a product to market, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are the ideal way to increase its visibility online.

People turn to the internet for all kind of purchases nowadays, and both Google and Bing now offer you the opportunity to showcase your product not only in the shopping results, but right in the main search engine results page.

The key benefit of Shopping ads is that users clicking through them are usually much further down the conversion path, and have far greater purchase intent than users from text ads.

Not only does this mean that the traffic they produce is super high value, but the quality of data obtained from running Shopping Campaigns is staggering. Lessons learnt in your Paid Shopping efforts can be applied to your other channels to further optimise your online store.

“Ensure your products get maximum reach and visibility”

As with anything in the Paid Search world, careful planning and initial set-up are key to success, and a high quality and highly optimised Data Feed is the most important element to your shopping campaigns.

The expert super-team at Supersede knows the best tactics and techniques to ensure that your products are getting both the maximum reach and visibility but also returning the most efficient ROI possible.

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