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Supersede is registered and certified to offer our services over both Google and Bing, and in the ideal position to offer the tailored paid advertising solution that’s effective for you.

With a market share of 90% of traffic in the UK, Google AdWords offers you access to over a billion searches every day. That’s why AdWords is such an important tool for us to increase the visibility of your brand.

At Supersede, however, we’re never happy taking things to only 90% of your potential audience. With Bing steadily increasing its slice of the pie, we believe it’s important to be aware of the alternative search providers, and make their results work for you.

“Target specific keywords, demographics and locations”

One of the most valuable places to have your PPC links appear is in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of AdWords. PPC ads are typically displayed at the top of the SERP as ‘Sponsored’ links.

And the ways to refine which searches your ads appear in are almost limitless, meaning you can target specific keywords, demographics and locations with significant accuracy.

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The task of harnessing search marketing’s colossal power is as formidable as it is rewarding. It’s a task we undertake gladly to unlock your business’ potential, and help you thwart your adversaries.

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