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Websites are like plants. They may survive alone for a little while, but it won’t be long before they need some TLC. It can seem like a chore, but looking after your site and ensuring all the technology behind it is up to date means your site will keep running smoothly for your customers.

Our engineers may not be great at watering the office foliage, but they sure know their way around WordPress and PHP. They are skilled in managing all manner of behind-the-scenes essentials, including source control, development and testing, software updates and security.

Source Control

Regulating website changes helps guarantee the quality of content on your site. By controlling how changes to the site are saved—through use of different branches of your website—you can always be assured that updates have gone through the proper approval process. It’s useful to see site progression, so we set up a system for logging development changes, making them easy to track over time.

Development and Testing

Before introducing new features on your site, we test all developments on staging environments first. These mimic your server, so we can make adjustments based on real performance, and cause minimal disruption when the updates are released live.

Software Updates

A major part of our maintenance package focuses on plugins. These keep your website feature-rich and interesting, but they may not all be fully suited to your requirements. We review plugins based on safety, security and speed, remove any that are unnecessary and suggest alternatives where needed.


Site security is at the forefront of each digital superhero’s mind. We install and monitor a plugin that will check your files daily, so that if enemies try to attack, we’re the first to know. Our strong password policies can be implemented across your company to help guard against unwanted intruders, and we review user privileges, like admin access, on a monthly basis. We also introduce 2-factor authentication as standard: one extra barrier to keep the baddies out.

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