Part 2: Research & Preparation

Laptop screen with a red person in centre

Now that you’ve got the grounding in the very fundamentals of AdWords, we’ll switch gears to research and preparing to run your own AdWords campaigns in Part 2.

Conducting market research to identify a gap in the market and assess the size of the market isn’t as easy as one might think. Also, thinking of keywords and looking into Google trends doesn’t happen in just ten minutes. Meticulous research, planning and preparation is all part of getting ready to run an AdWords campaign. So if you aren’t ready to do all the legwork (or aren’t going to pay someone else to do it for you), you might as well not bother setting up an actual campaign as it will most likely fail.

Yet, if you’re willing to spend hours upon hours pouring over the internet and scouring your brain for the most logical answers to all the pertinent questions, then this part of the book is here to come to your aid. We will tell you how to research, test and analyse the market so that you can come out on top as soon as you start your campaign. Plus, we will tell you all about the Google Keyword Planner, a useful tool in forecasting traffic and grouping keywords.