Structure of your AdWords Account

Now that you’ve created a new account, it’s time to speak the Google AdWords lingo. AdWords is organised in three layers: account, campaigns and ad groups.


An account is associated with a unique email address, password and billing information.


A campaign focuses on one theme or a group of products. For example, eBay would have multiple campaigns—one for clothes, another campaign for electronics and another campaign for books.

Each campaign is defined by a set of settings that apply to all ad groups in the campaign. For example, different campaigns would have different budgets and target audiences. They’d run at different times of the day or different months of the year. There are also more complicated settings like how these ads bid for clicks. Splitting ads into different campaigns allow you to target different keywords and audiences.

Ad Group

An ad group contains similar set of ads and keywords, which trigger when and where your ads are shown.

You could commission many different artworks to advertise your product—one with blue background, one with glaring yellow text, and so on. Here’s the rule of thumb to grouping ads: if the ads are shown to users searching for the same keywords, and the ads lead to the same landing page on your website, they can be grouped together.

AdWords account hierarchy explained using graph

Here are some examples:


The advertiser Phil, a music store ownerSuzy, who runs an online gift storeBen, your neighborhood grocer
AccountPhil’s Record CompanySuzy’s Gift ShopUncle Ben’s Supermarket
  • Hot Pop Music in 2015
  • Rock Music
  • Jazz Music
  • Mother’s Day
  • Graduation Season
  • Christmas Promo
  • Artisan jams
  • Fresh chicken
  • Vegetables
Ad Group for first campaign
  • Sam Smith’s new album
  • Top 20 playlist
  • Taylor Swift
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Perfume for Mom
  • Homemade marmalade
  • Fancy fruit jam
  • Healthy fruit spread
Ad Group for Second Campaign
  • Pearl Jam
  • Green Day
  • Graduation gift
  • Congrats on your Graduation Card
  • Farm- range chicken
  • Organic chicken

Fun Fact!

You can create up to 4 million ads and 10,000 campaigns within a single account!

Besides maintaining a tidy account, organising ads into ad groups and campaigns is important to your advertising strategy. We’ll teach you more about organising campaigns and choosing good keywords later in the chapter.

For starters, you can organise your AdWords account the same way your website is structured.

Quick Tip

1. Start organising campaigns and ad groups as you create them.
2. It is best practice to have two or three ads with a single ad group, targeting 10-35 keywords.