Chapter 2: Setting Up Your AdWords Account

Laptop screen with two red circles

Things are about to get pretty hands-on in Chapter 2 as we stop waxing lyrical about Google AdWords and actually show you how to get started with it.

First and foremost, we will explain how to sign up for an AdWords account if you don’t yet have one, as it’s really simple and fast too.

Essentially, you could register for an account and learn a few things about account administration—all on your lunch break! And if you’ve got time left over while finishing your sandwich, then why not check out our guide on creating a campaign in record-breaking five minutes?

Meanwhile, a couple of the other topics in Chapter 2 could take a bit longer to master, but even if it seems unfamiliar and daunting at first, you’ll be walking the walk real soon. That’s because our writers take their time to explain every nook and cranny of AdWords topics like the account structure and linking AdWords to other systems and programmes.

Actually, forget walking—you’ll not just know how to expertly run your AdWords account, but how to check if your ad is running and troubleshoot for issues if you can’t see your ad at all. Now that’s what they mean when they say hit the ground running.