Where & When the Ads Show

The great thing about AdWords is that you can really precisely control where & when the ads show. You can limit the audience to only a niche few—only residents of London, for example. You can also stop or start your ad on certain times or days of the week.

It’s not just Google’s search results that will display your ad—with AdWords, your ad can additionally be seen on hundreds of Google’s partner sites. Collectively, this is known as The Display Network, and it accounts for 90% of all internet users. Yes. That is almost everyone on the Internet who has the potential to be one of your customers. That’s a pretty good range of people, if you ask me.

Google Results

Google search is the biggest and baddest search engine out there. Keywords that you choose will prompt your ad to appear on Google’s search page when someone searches the same keyword, or something very similar.

A lot of people use Google—this is the most effective way of advertising your business on the Internet.

Google’s Friends

Google has popular contacts—its search network extends to many non-Google websites from the likes of AOL to Yahoo and CNN. This means that your ad can be displayed across hundreds of sites, opening up your potential market even further. AdWords includes search partner sites on your campaigns by default, but you can choose to not include them, if you wish.

More of Google Friends; Participants of AdWords

The growth of your audience doesn’t just stop at Google’s and its search partners’ results. It expands further to all of the connected sites, known collectively as The Google Display Network. Google pays website owners to show your ad on their websites. So, if your business is about candy scented cupcakes, for example, your ad could be displayed on a related website sharing a blog post about baking. Hundreds of thousands of websites are connected to AdWords, and very popular sites like about.com and HowStuffWorks.com are among them. As always, Google lets you have control over whether or not you want to allow your ads on these websites.