Lead Generation and Sales

We all know that selling something isn’t as black and white as a customer exclaiming: ‘Sure! I’ll totally invest in your service even though I only heard about it three seconds ago!’ As appealing as that is, in reality a sale is placed, and there’s a few stepping stones involved:

Choose Wisely

One of the first (and the most problematic) barriers in the business world is picking the right customers. You neither want to spend ten minutes pitching to someone if they’re not really interested, nor do you want to come off as needy or desperate. Luckily for you, PPC completely eradicates this problem. Firstly, you don’t waste time spewing alluring words, and secondly, your customers come to you.

The people clicking your ad are there because they searched for something on Google that’s related to your business (learn about when and where your ads show). You could hypothetically have everything they’re searching for (cue cheesy pop song). What’s more, your pitch is precise and exact. In comparison to selling over the phone or in person, your ad and the content on your site is all set up and written out. PPC allows you to generate interest in your product using as few words as possible to attract people who are already looking for similar things.

For A Lead To Turn Into A Sale

As soon as a person has clicked your ad, he is now called a lead. Your next step—keeping them on your site and this part is totally down to you. They’re on your website. Time to act! Entice them to monthly e-mail subscriptions, allow them to register on your site in order to access unique content made by you or let them enter their home address for you to deliver a free gift. All of this allows you to gather data about your consumers—the ones that are really, really interested in your business.

These generation of leads, nurtured by your creative content and expertise, free software, promotions, cookies, puppies, whatever—can be transformed into future sales. AdWords makes this super easy: it contains nifty tracking software that shows you exactly which parts of your PPC campaign are working and which aren’t, thereby letting you make smart decisions.

It’s all a process, one which involves getting your audience to trust you and know more about you before they commit to buying your product or service.