Introducing AdWords

Google has set up a clever platform that lets you control how you advertise, all in one neat place. It’s very simple to use, and features an array of nifty tools to manage your campaigns. Jump to the section ‘Creating a Campaign in 5 Minutes.’

Campaigns are purely how AdWords organises your account—similar keywords that you bid on go inside a campaign, keeping everything nice and ordered.

This is where PPC, your business, and the Internet meet.

AdWords lets you go above and beyond, whilst being in complete control—you set your spending budget, set keywords that best match your ad and service, and constantly evaluate the impact of your ad.

You can target mobile phones, or different areas of a country, at different times, or shut it all down within seconds.

What you can’t control, however, is where your ad ranks. Your ad will not necessarily display at the top of Google; which is where you want it to be. Instead, Google itself determines the quality of your ad and chooses where you’re placed. They base it on the relevancy of your keywords, the quality of the landing page that your ad links to, and the content of your ad.

AdWords displays your ad on the Google results page (and other websites) to a specific group of people who are searching for things related to your business. This draws in lots of new customers, helping you expand and grow your business.

The best part? This traffic is there because it wants to be: they searched for you, and thanks to AdWords, they found you.