Finding a PPC Professional

Google is constantly updating AdWords and its algorithms. The person that manages your account should be ahead of the curve and well-mastered in the online advertising scene.

Depending on the type of business you have, what you are looking for in a Pay Per Click professional may differ.

However, there are some basic things that can guide you in your search:

Firstly, you yourself should have at least a basic idea of what PPC involves and how it works. This guide should help you with that, but in brief, your professional should understand the importance of keywords, optimised landing pages, and budgets.

The size of your audience is big, and the Internet is bigger. Your AdWords campaign has to be very specific and very focused, so that the type of people it is attracting fits within your target market.

A good PPC pro will be able to research smartly and bid on relevant keywords.

Speaking of smart, AdWords is technical. Your professional, as a basic requirement, should understand technical terms and PPC jargon. He/She should be aware of how the platform is structured, as organisation is key when it comes to ranking highly on Google.

Being PPC pros ourselves, we know that when it comes down to setting up well-performing AdWords campaigns, you can’t beat experience.

Someone who has worked with a wide range of clients (and perhaps with even your competitors) probably knows what they’re doing.

Quick Tip

Things to ask a PPC professional before you say ‘you’re hired’:

1. Do you have a keyword strategy and if so, what is it?
This is incredibly important, bidding on the right keywords for each business is what gets your ad to the top of Google.

2. What kind of budget are you familiar working with?
Your professional should be well rounded, and able to work with many types of budgets.

3. What are some of the big changes within the PPC and AdWords scene?
Here, you’re trying to suss out how much they care about their field; you want someone with passion, someone who loves PPC, and someone who is on the ball.

Give us a shout if you require an expert hand in managing your AdWords/PPC campaigns.