Direct Marketing at its Purest

Target circle with mouse arrow clicking on bullseye

If marketing were a sport, direct marketing, a.k.a PPC, would be the 100 metre, sweaty, heart-pumping, all-out sprint. Brand marketing, on the other hand, would be a slow and steady marathon. They both cross the finish line, just at different speeds.

Brand vs Direct Marketing

Brand marketing is about creating a mood and feel for the business; it’s a conversation where the rapport is about developing a relation and warming up the consumer to eventually come back and buy. Think Coca-Cola and Nike. These companies send out repetitive messages about what they do, and who they are through advertisements. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan is known globally and they achieved this through constantly relaying it to their consumers.

Direct marketing, in contrast, asks for an immediate response. It wants its customers to do something straight away, rather than coming back later. It could be filling out a form, inputting their email address, making a call or actually buying something.

Google AdWords—A Perfect Tool To Get An Immediate Response

The guys over at Google understand direct marketing like no one else. They’ve crafted a platform that will let the customer see and buy easily. AdWords doesn’t require a web user to change channels, as they don’t have to fumble around on their mobile to make a phone call or get on an airplane to make a purchase when they see your ad.

Instead, it’s all in the same place within Google. A swift click and it’s onto your website—everything can unfold in a matter of seconds! It’s one action after another: search, see, click, buy, boom. And that’s exactly why we say Google AdWords is direct marketing in its purest form.