Chapter 3: Google Analytics and AdWords

Google Analytics logo fragment

Hold on to your hats as we’re switching gears slightly in Chapter 3, which is all about this nifty little thing called Google Analytics. You may wonder why we’ve plopped this chapter right in between talking about your setting up your AdWords account and paying for your campaigns, but Google Analytics really does go hand in hand with your AdWords account.

First, we will introduce Google Analytics and tell you how to link Analytics to your AdWords. Trust us, these two tools are really better off together, because Analytics can give you lots of insight into what happens during the visit of your potential customers.

From average time spent on your site, to the number of pages they check out per visit, to the bounce rate, you’ll be well-versed in deciphering Analytics data and using it to your advantage.

Don’t fret—you don’t have to visit the Analytics page AND the AdWords page. After you import your Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords, you’ll be able to access all the pertinent information from your AdWords dashboard.

Plus, you’ll also be able to find and banish bad landing pages, all thanks to the data that Analytics gathers for you. And if you want to read more into how they get this information, then you’ll want to look into what auto-tagging is.