Chapter 5: Explore AdWords

Laptop screen with a red square

You’ll notice that there’s lots more than just the AdWords systems and interface that we explained in Chapter 1. That’s why Chapter 5 will explore AdWords themselves in great detail. If you knew nothing about it at first, then you’ll step away from this chapter a real connoisseur of all AdWords terms and concepts!

First up, campaigns and all that is associated with them: budget, status, clicks, impressions, click-through rate, cost and average position. Don’t worry if all of that sounds gibberish right now. We promise that it will all make sense pretty soon and you’ll be able to think about AdWord campaigns in a strategic and creative manner after reading what our experts have to say on the subject.

When you’re ready to rumble, we will highlight the real building blocks of AdWords, which are Ad Groups. Although some might argue that ads are, in fact, the smallest unit of measurement in terms of AdWords, we think that Ad Groups can more accurately reflect the success (or unfortunate failure) of the campaigns that you’re running. So, we will thoroughly explain what keywords, networks and ads are, and how they apply in hypothetical scenarios.

Last but not least, Display Network will be explained in layman’s terms and round off the discussion about AdWords concepts quite nicely. Did you know that Display Network gets 1 trillion monthly impressions and reaches over 90% of global internet users?