Explained: Conversion Columns

Now, for the really, really exciting part! This is where you’ll be able to see how often your customers did something you wanted them to—like make a purchase; sign up for your newsletter; or view of a key piece of content that you poured your life and soul into…

Google likes to be precise. That’s why there are a total of 21 different conversion columns, and all of them tell you something different about what your customers are up to:

Screenshot of highlighted AdWords conversion columns


ColumnWhat it does?
ConversionsTells you the conversions that you want to specifically see. You decide what is valuable, e.g. a customer signing up to a newsletter, and you get the data here.

About decimals in conversion numbers

Cost / conv.Gives you an average of how much your conversions cost.
Cost/ conv. = conversions ÷ total costMore about conversion trackingMore about interactions
Conv. rateThis tells you, on average, out of all of the people that click on your ad, how many end up as conversions.
Conv. rate = total interactions ÷ number of conversionsLearn more about conversion data
All conv.The total number of conversions that AdWords measures—includes additional information, like cross-device conversions e.g. over both mobile and desktop.

About “All conversions”

View-through conv.Someone may see your ad, but won’t click on it. If they come back later to buy your product (convert), they will be recorded as a view-through conversion.

More about view-through conversions

Cost / all conv.Average of how much your conversions (from your ‘‘All Conversions’’ column) cost.
Cost / all conv. = all conversions ÷ total cost
All conv. rateGives you an average of how often your ad leads to a conversion. It’s a rate of how many people click and how many actually do what you want them to, like buy your product.
All conv. rate = total interactions ÷ all conversions
All conv. valueThis is the total value of all of your conversions; so the value of everything in your “All conversions” column.

About conversion values

All conv. value / costThis is useful to see what you’re actually making; it’s your ROI (return on investment) for all of your conversions. It measures the value of how many people buy your product versus how much you’re paying for them to click on your ad.
All conv. value / cost = total cost for all interactions ÷ conversion value
Value / All conv.Tells you the average value of each of your conversions. Useful if you’ve defined your conversions as different things, e.g. one conversion could be the customer getting to a certain page of your site, and another conversion is signing up to a newsletter.
Value / All conv. = conversion value ÷ all conversions
All conv. value / clickThis is what you gain each time someone clicks on your ad. It’s how many conversions you receive according to clicks.
All conv. value / click = total number of clicks ÷ total value of all conversions
Cross-device conv.Tells you how your ad performs when a customer views your ad on different devices. For example, they might see your ad on mobile and then decide to convert on a desktop browser.
Converted clicksThis can tell you how many unique customers you are receiving. It gives you the number of clicks it takes to yield 1 or more conversion, but not by the same person. For example, a customer may click on your site and buy twice. This would be two conversions in the ‘’conversions column’’, but in this column it will be counted as just one click.

More about counting conversions

Cost / converted ClickThis gives you an average cost for each click that later turns into a conversion. It is useful for calculating your ROI (return on investment) for each buyer.
Cost / converted Click = cost ÷ total converted clicks
Click conversion rateThis is an average of how many clicks on your ad result in a conversion; a customer doing the thing you value as a conversion, like buying your product. It’s useful to give you an idea of how well your AdWords campaign is doing.
Click conversion rate = total clicks ÷ converted clicksAbout conversion tracking reports
Total conversion valueThis is the entire value for all of your conversions.
Conv. value / costThis tells you your total conversion value, and gives you an estimation of their ROI (return on investment). It is measured according to how much you are spending to get people to convert; e.g. clicks on your ad or video ad views.
Conv. value / cost = Total cost of all ad interactions ÷ Total conversion value
Conv. value / clickThis is the value of each conversion that occurs per click (a potential customer clicking on your ad).
Conv. value / click = total number of clicks ÷ value of your conversions
Value / converted clickThis gives you an average of how much each of your customers are generating for your business.
Value / converted click = total number of converted clicks ÷ total value of all conversions
Value / conv.Tells you on average how much each of your conversions are worth.
Value / conv. = the number of your conversions ÷ total value of your conversions
Phone call conv.This shows you the number of phone calls that lasted longer than your selected call duration which were dialled manually to Google forwarding numbers.

Learn more about Google forwarding phone numbers