Chapter 4: Billing

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We know that it has to come to this—billing. Nothing in this life is free and Google AdWords is no exception. Once you get to grips with what sort of a beast Pay Per Click advertising is (Chapter 1), have an account set up (Chapter 2) and can get some basic insights into your traffic by linking your Google Analytics to AdWords (Chapter 3), you’ll need to set up billing to create campaigns.

Luckily, our knowledgeable experts have a great deal of information on billing to share with you. First, you’ll need to know which payment methods are even available to pay for all those clicks that you’re getting on your ads. And considering that there are a few more variables to billing, such as individual versus business billing and three manners of paying you bills, this is a meaty section to get into.

When you’re done sorting your own account billing, we can talk about happier things. Everyone loves promotions and coupon codes, right? Fortunately, Google AdWords give away coupons regularly: we will tell you how to locate the best offers, how to claim them and what to watch out for.

Then, in our refunds and adjustments section, we will explain how to get your numbers right and adjust your tax settings so that you’re running a legal and fully transparent AdWords campaign. Yet, as always and with everything, there’re bound to be issues that arise—it’s numbers, payments and billing cycles after all, so we don’t blame you. Troubleshoot your problems by reading up on the Common Issues with Payments section that should have you sorted out in no time.