Part 1: Basics & Setting Up

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Take a deep breath and dive straight into AdWords in Part 1 of this book. In it, amazing things await and when we’re done, you can even righteously call yourself a professional AdWords account user!

Here is the plan. We will start by learning how Pay Per Click Advertising works and why it is so important in the day and age when the Internet rules it all. Bid farewell to the yellow pages, as AdWords has taken over and is here to stay. That’s why you should create an account as soon as you can—it will definitely do wonders for your business, whatever it is. Oh, and make sure that you have set up the billing for your account correctly as good advertising doesn’t come free. We wish!

Then, we will descend into the depths of AdWords themselves: campaigns, ad groups, and display networks. All of these and more will be explained thoroughly, so that you get a good grip of these concepts and can really get to work in Part 2 and Part 3 of this book.

Lastly, it’s all about the results as we explain how to set up and track all of your conversions, including offline and mobile app conversions too. Plus, we will also guide you through linking your AdWords and Analytics, two excellent Google products that can boost your clientele—find out exactly how your potential customers are behaving on your site, and you can easily get yourself on the most direct path to a successful business.