Art & Science of Google AdWords

Learn how to build AdWords campaigns that drive traffic to your site.

Google Adwords Guide

When we first started out dabbling in AdWords many years ago, we were pretty much on our own in the vastness of the internet…

Other than Google itself, plus a handful of non-professional blogs, there wasn’t one comprehensive resource that we could use to learn:

  • about the fundamentals of Pay Per Click advertising,
  • to research and prepare for campaigns, or
  • to successfully run them for years to come.

Luckily, after surviving many botched attempts at running ad campaigns and escaping more or less unscathed, we’ve amassed a lot of expertise on AdWords. We’ve also decided to put all of it into one book that’s be suitable for absolute beginners and intermediate AdWords users alike. Thus, we present to you the final product—The Art and Science of Google AdWordsthat’s available to everyone, for free.

We hope that you’ll find it useful enough to share it with the rest of the world, so that horrible ad text and running campaigns to the ground (and debt) can be banished for good. Full of examples, practical applications, easy-to-follow tables, and screenshots (where step-by-step instructions must be followed), this book is also succinct and to-the-point, so you can dip in and out when and if you’ve got time.