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Here at Supersede, we want everyone to get the best out of the content they publish online. That’s why we’re offering your business one free blog post on a topic of your choice.

We’re not asking for anything in return—no payment, no affiliate links, nada. You don’t even have to follow us on Twitter (though hey, if you want to, here we are). All we want to do is write something great for your blog, on a subject that excites you and your audience.

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Our experienced content writing team has written on subjects as far-ranging as file conversion software, online bingo, and fantasy football. Check out some examples of our previous content below:

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As well as writing engaging content, we’re also skilled at optimising it for search engines. Your blog post will include useful keywords, an informative page title, and an enticing meta description to encourage search engine users to click on your page.

(Not sure what page titles and meta descriptions are and why they’re important? We’ve written more about them in our SEO and Content Guide for Website Launches).

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