5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords A/B Testing

It’s been clear for a long time that using Google AdWords improves the search engine visibility of any given site. But what benefits can small businesses gain from this service? We’ve picked 5 reasons why AdWords is a boon for small businesses as well as the big corporate fish.

1. Location Targeting

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising intelligently targets individuals who are searching for a service/product you provide. The only question is, are they going to find you or your competitors?

One main advantage for small businesses using AdWords is the ability to filter potential customers by a location. If you supply a service locally, you can limit your campaign to target only those within, for instance, a 10 mile radius of your address. This means there’s a far greater chance of conversion. After all, this is what advertising is all about.

2. Flexible Budgeting

You set the budget, and, with no minimum spend, you have the same opportunities as anyone else in your field. Furthermore, even those with a limited budget can capitalise on the potential benefits AdWords can offer.

Through proper management, you can make sure your Ad shows for optimal times each day, in an optimal position, attracting optimal clicks. It’s through this management of your Ads that you’ll attract the right customers, and, ultimately, get a return on your investment.

AdWords also gives you the flexibility small businesses need. If, at any point, you face a drop in your marketing budget, you have the discretion to pause a campaign until it’s viable to be resumed.

3. Attributable Results

This is one of the most valuable reasons why small businesses should embrace Google AdWords. PPC results are about as transparent as marketing campaigns can get. You will be able to measure new visitors to your website, and directly attribute sales to AdWords, allowing you to determine fairly quickly if your campaign is giving you ROI.

This constant ability to monitor results allows you to make informed decisions about how to proceed. Consequently, this leads to reduced losses and the ability to capitalise on gains.

4. Faster Results

Google AdWords works a lot faster than normal SEO. From the moment you place your tailored Ads, they can start to generate a profit for your investment. So, while you’re waiting for content and other SEO techniques to have an effect, PPC works on in the background – generating custom and producing results.

This is a particular draw for small businesses, where quicker reward is often more important than it is for larger companies.

5. Google AdWords plus…

One huge benefit to Google AdWords is that it can be used so effectively alongside other marketing techniques. One such channel is remarketing, which essentially ensures that visitors to your site are less likely to forget you. They can be tracked through cookies, allowing businesses the luxury of seeing exactly who has shown an interest in them, and generate ads to ‘follow’ the individual around online.

Not only can remarketing generate ROI in the short term, it also reaffirms your brand. Those targeted have it firmly established it their minds. When they’re next looking for a product or service you supply, your website will be at the forefront of their mind.

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