October 2022 in SEO

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Hey there, Supersede readers! We’re glad to see you back for another roundup of the top stories from the world of SEO. Want to see what made the headlines in October 2022? Read on for all the latest!

October 2022: the top stories

We’re kicking off October’s roundup with a suitably spooky story: the announcement of the year’s top Halloween costume trends. We’ll then take a look at some video features being added to Twitter that suspiciously resemble those of another social media platform, before finishing off with a look at the latest Google spam update. Let’s get going!

Boo! Top Halloween search trends revealed

Spooky season is well and truly upon us, and Google has prepared a treat (and no tricks!) for the SEO community: Halloween Frightgeist. This fun little page highlights the top costumes people are searching for ahead of the festivities on October 31st. Here’s a sneak peek at the top ten:

  1. Witch
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Fairy
  6. Pirate
  7. Rabbit
  8. Cheerleader
  9. Cowboy
  10. Harley Quinn

There’s even a fun map to explore which costumes are most popular in different US cities. For example, ninjas dominate in Fort Wayne, Indiana, while those in Fairbanks, Alaska are dressing up seventies-style. To check out the data for yourself, visit the Frightgeist site.

Twitter sets its sights on TikTok users with new video features

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Image source: Alexander Shatov via Unsplash

Social media platforms taking ideas from one another is nothing new. From Instagram’s recent adoption of reposting through to the explosion of ‘stories’, every time one site comes up with an innovative new feature, others will attempt to follow.

This month, Twitter is taking inspiration from TikTok as it adds two new video features. In the company’s own words, they were created with the aim of “[making] it easier to find and watch what’s happening”. So, what’s changed?

First up is the launch of an immersive media viewer. When you tap on a video, it will expand to occupy the full screen of your phone. Once a user enters this view, they can swipe up to discover more videos—much in the same way as TikTok’s For You feed.

The other novelty is a video carousel being added to the Explore tab. Under the heading of Videos for you, users will be able to scroll horizontally to see recommendations.

Both of these features are currently available to those using Twitter in English. The immersive media viewer is iOS-only, while video carousels can be viewed on both Android and iOS in selected countries.

Google’s latest update takes on spam

You didn’t really think we’d last an entire roundup without discussing a Google algorithm update, did you? Yes, as night follows day, the Mountain View tech giant is serving up a spam update hot on the heels of recent changes targeting helpful content and product reviews—not to mention last month’s broad core update.

In comparison to the lengthy rollout times of some of Google’s other recent updates, this one was something of a quickie. In fact, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reported that the update took less than 48 hours to complete.

The aim of this category of update is to improve the systems Google uses to prevent spammy links from making it into results pages. Those who witness a drop in rankings are encouraged to check out the company’s spam policies and to make improvements if necessary.

Assessing the impact of any Google update is always tricky, as some sites will make gains while others drop down the SERP rankings. Some commenters quoted on Search Engine Roundtable stated that they had lost as much as 90% of their traffic, though tracking tools indicated that the overall impact was fairly moderate.


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Tip of the month

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“Once you understand what goes into each step of the buyer journey, you can do two crucial things:
1. Tweak your business model, brand and copy to steer them in the right direction: towards making a purchase!
2.Improve the customer experience by targeting their exact needs and expectations—making the decision-making process as easy as possible.”

Interested in understanding how your customers approach the process of making a purchase? There are plenty of theories that can explain the way we decide what (not) to buy. By knowing more about them, you can refine your site from a content and UX standpoint. Want to know how? Read the latest in our Consumer Psychology series: Improving Customer Experience With Consumer Behaviour Models.

That’s all for October 2022! Come back next month, when we’ll bring you a brand new set of SEO news and advice.