Usability Labs at The Landing, MediaCityUK

A Lab Bottle with Green Liquid

One of the great things about being based in MediaCityUK is the access to cutting edge digital facilities. Need to make use of a Usability Lab to observe real people through a two way mirror interacting with your website or mobile app? Then no look further than The Landing…

On offer as part of the SPACE interactive media labs, The Landing, host a set of Usabilty Labs that let businesses test their products using state-of-the-art technology and real people. It features purpose-built environments in the form of three social spaces and a ten seat games console for multi-testing.

The most common type tests they do for clients include:

  • App testing – mobile, or desktop applications
  • Website testing – figure out which parts of your site work well and those that don’t before you go live
  • Game testing – record responses to real game play; see how users interact with the game

These tests are conducted in two different ways, depending on the room you choose and the kind of results you’re after.

Photo of Usability Lab at The Landing, Manchester
A 10-seater games console laboratory, this purpose built environment for content and platform testing consists of four discrete test beds. Photo by The Landing ©

One way glass

This is a really neat room if you want to watch participants testing your product in real time. There are two rooms: the ‘testing’ room and the ‘watching’ room. The participant is placed in the testing room, where they are given a product. It could be a website, an app, a new toy or anything really. A camera will record their reactions , but you can watch through the nifty one way glass window too. You’ll be able to monitor things like where they first look, what they click on and how interested they are in your product.

One way glass rooms
The one way glass lets product owners sit just metres away from the test room – allowing for real-time, and discreet observation.

10 seat multi-testing

10 seater space within the Usability Lab
Each participant has their very own cubicle, with a monitor and headphones to simulate a real, accurate response. Convenient for bulk testing!

Want to do a bulk test for a new game that you’ve just developed? This room will be perfect! There are ten monitors and each one has a little camera that records the actions of the participants. A ‘real’ type of response is stimulated, since there is no one guiding the participants in this room and they’re simply left to explore.

The participants and the pricing

SPACE media interactive labs require you to source your own testers (the people, who are testing your product) when using the lab, but they have a third party company that can do this for you. The Labs see a variety of clients, who use it to test upcoming features and services. The cost of the labs start from £500 per day for usability testing in the smaller labs, and up to £750 + Vat/day for the larger 10-seater room.

Usability lab pepped for testing
The labs can be set up according to your preference – so you get the results that you need.

Why it’s great

Usability Lab Reception
The Landing is chic, sleek and beautiful – but it’s also incredibly useful. The usability labs intertwine business and technology to create a space of innovation.

The value of such a service within the immediate vicinity of our office is immeasurable. It allows us to test and tweak services to perfection before they’re launched. It’s perfect for clients, who take user experience and conversion rate optimisation seriously. This could be an extra service that we offer to all our clients, who want to go the extra mile and achieve specific goals that require this type of testing.

About The Landing

Situated in the White zone of the campus, The Landing is an office among many in MediaCityUK, offering a great working and learning space. However, it’s not just another office building – it’s a complex that spans multiple floors.

The Landing in Manchester, Lobby Top View

It gives digital SMEs, micro-businesses and startups a chance to work with much larger companies within the media and technology sectors. The Landing is subsidised by the public sector, allowing increased affordability, which is crucial for businesses new and small.

The Landing offer up a plethora of amazing facilities, including the UK’s only digital workflow centre and the SPACE interactive media labs. Here is a full list of the facilities available:

  • Digital Workflow Centre
  • Post Production
  • SPACE Interactive Media Labs
  • Meeting and Event Space
  • Working Space
  • Social Space