A Quick Tour of MediaCityUK, Manchester

A Collage of Photos Taken by Pro Photographer of Media City in 2016

Home to the UK’s media giants BBC and ITV plus a plethora of other creative businesses and agencies, MediaCityUK is a hub brimming with opportunity, substance and style…

A certain energy surrounds this part of Manchester. It can be felt as it weaves its way through the crowd of suited commuters on the electric tram, travelling through the winds on the canal and reflected by its waters, and among the tall buildings with dazzling city lights.

That special vibe is one of the main contributing factors as to why Supersede Media set up shop in MediaCity. Here, we are neighbours to creativity and innovation that come from businesses which manufacture, process and think up ways to change the digital world. We set out to leave our mark too and we can’t think of a better place to be in than right here in Manchester’s digital heart:

Digital World Centre, MediaCityUK, Manchester

Although the scenery appears to be all new and modern, the history here is rich too. Just take a look around the waterfront and you will notice infographics dotted around, displaying how the area used to be called Salford Docks, “the lynchpin of the region’s industrial might and once one of the country’s busiest dock systems”. Then, there is the Imperial War Museum – the first to be opened in the north and offering an insight into war and its impact on society:

Imperial War Museum in MediaCityUK, Manchester
Regarded as essential sights of Greater Manchester. The Imperial War Museum seeks to provide for an understanding of the history of modern war and ‘wartime experience’. Visit for free and explore how war affects people’s lives.

It’s not all work and no play, either. The arts and entertainment scene is big within Media City, take the Lowry Theatre for example. It attracts people from all over and with a mission to be the “most successful Arts Venue in the world,” it appears to be fast on it’s way of holding it up. And if it’s food you’re after, there’s a range of restaurants – from the newly opened CAU, to Wagamama, Pizza Express and Pret A Manger.

Photo of White of MediaCityUK, Manchester

It’s no surprise that Media City is reaching full capacity. After all, it’s the place everyone wants to be! Luckily, the site is set to expand as the Peel Group disclosed their plans to create an even bigger and better space.

The development will feature nine new plots of land, each catered to a different aspect of the area: from new apartments for residential growth, sleek offices for the working, to the creation of an exciting central public space that will house a market with food stalls as a focal point for the entire community.

Photos courtesy of McFade.