A Tour of Our MediaCityUK Home

View of the Salford Quays skyline at sunrise taken from the Lightbox

With the festive season well and truly here, we’re taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of SEO to introduce you to the place Supersede Media calls home: MediaCityUK. Here in this vibrant location, just a stone’s throw from central Manchester, you can find some of the most exciting creative businesses in the country.

More than just a place to work, MediaCityUK is establishing itself as a tourist hotspot in its own right. Meanwhile, more and more people are flocking to the local apartments as the area becomes an increasingly attractive place to live. Let’s explore some of the top sights!

MediaCityUK is perhaps best known for its links to the BBC and to ITV. The two broadcasters have certainly left their stamp on the area, with both boasting landmark buildings and contributing to the creative vibe that permeates the Quays.

The Coronation Street sign outside of the show's setThe Pudsey Bear statue in between the BBC's Quay House and Bridge House buildingsITV's office in MediaCityUKThe BBC's Quay House building in MediaCityUK

That particular buzz also carries over to the wide variety of cultural offerings you can find in MediaCityUK. From permanent fixtures such as the Imperial War Museum to temporary exhibitions, you can always find something to explore in the area.

The artwork Through No 4 by Liz West in MediaCityUK, with the Imperial War Museum and BBC Quay House in the backgroundA view of the Imperial War Museum NorthThe Van Gogh Alive exhibition in MediaCityUKA view of the Lowry Theatre from within Quayside MediaCityUKThe facade of the dock10 studios advertising the Ten Years to Save the World exhibition, with a Christmas tree in front of the buildingThe Floating Earth at the Lightwaves Festival

If you’re feeling peckish after exploring some of the sights, there’s no shortage of food and drink options in the vicinity. You can enjoy well-known brands such as Pret a Manger and Wagamama alongside local favourites such as Grindsmith, Vertigo and Seven Brothers.

The Love Chapel, designed by Nick Chaffe, at Box on the Docks in MediaCityUK, next to the Winter TipiCabins and outdoor seating in front of The Dockyard barSeven Brothers Beerhouse in MediaCityUKVertigo Plant Based Eatery in MediaCityUKThe Alchemist bar in MediaCityUK with the Digital Worl Centre and Lowry Theatre in the background

Over the water from the main piazza, you’ll find Quayside MediaCityUK. Once known as the Lowry Outlet, this bustling centre has grown to incorporate new dining experiences and immersive activities.

Quayside MediaCityUK shopping centreThe sign at the entrance to the Watergardens in Quayside MediaCityUKThe Vue Cinema in Quayside MediaCityUKThe entrance to I'm a Celebrity Jungle Experience in Quayside MediaCityUKStalls at the Quayside Makers Market

Though it’s already grown substantially since the early 2010s, MediaCityUK isn’t slowing down. With new apartment buildings, offices and shops springing up across the Quays, the future for this once-neglected part of Salford is brighter than ever.

The University of Salford's MediaCityUK buildingA view of the Manchester Ship Canal and Detroit BridgeA view of the walking path next to the Manchester Ship Canal, taken from the Salford Quays Millennium footbridgeA view of the Salford Quays Millennium footbridge and Quay West office buildingThe Tomorrow office building in MediaCityUK

It’s no wonder that Supersede Media decided to open our very own office here! So—what are you waiting for? Come and explore MediaCityUK for yourself!

The skyline of MediaCityUK as taken from the Lowry TheatreThe Christmas tree and other decorations in MediaCityUKThe Tomorrow building lit up at night, with the Green Rooms apartment building in the backgroundA view of the Media City footbridge and ITV building