We Don’t Mean To Be Rude – Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Mr Supersede Standing Up - 2016

Hi, we’re SupersedeTraffic!

As much as we wish for you to remember our cool name, it’s probable you’ll forget it as easily as the names of people when they first introduce themselves.

And that’s alright. It’s natural to think, ‘Just another digital marketing agency.

What We Stand For

SupersedeTraffic is different to your typical agency. We don’t try to do a bit of everything. Instead, we specialise in Paid Search – that is Pay Per Click (AdWords and Bing), Display Marketing, and Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

‘Paid Search’ means your site or product gets to be at the top of Google, or your Facebook advert to be shown in users’ news feeds, or your ad shows on contextually relevant sites. You choose where and when, and then you pay for the convenience. We manage these campaigns for you to increase your traffic, heighten brand exposure and boost revenue.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

And how is it exactly that we do that? Well, we’re simple peoples, so it’s just two things that we rely upon: our expertise and unparalleled communication. We know that it’s not just text-book knowledge on digital marketing that’s necessary to see projects succeed and flourish. There won’t be any talking around in circles or long and winding reports, but there will be answers to late night emails and informal, friendly chat.

We’ll be honest with you about the things that work and about the things that don’t, adding flexibility and, ultimately, value to your digital marketing projects. Essentially, our promise is this: we’ll take on your project, work our expert magic on it and not only get it finished on budget and on time, but also deliver results that will blow your socks off! Boom, bam, done. We are super heroes, after all.

Our Ideal Client… Is That You?

We can tell you all about ourselves, but it takes two to tango. We won’t be doing any dancing, but business compatibility is equally as important in digital marketing as it is in whirling around on the dancefloor.

Our perfect client has the same high level of passion for achieving digital marketing success. But we also like to get on with things – let us put a brilliant digital marketing strategy for you and execute it.

Supersede S Logo with People Icons as Graph

If you’re not sure about all this digital marketing stuff, have no fear. We’ll be there every step of the way for you and we promise, absolutely no jargon! The Paid Search field changes on a daily basis and it’s our job to stay on top of all the newest developments, so that you don’t have to be inundated with information. Lastly, we will make your budget stretch further than you think and find the best service package to suit your needs, so that we can build a lasting partnership together.