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When the world was in its darkest hour; when the people called out for help; when society was in its greatest need of bespoke Search Marketing solutions—along came the digital heroes.

Alone, each member of Supersede Media is a hero in their own field. When bound together, we merge our exceptional command of Search Marketing tools with the indisputable power of spandex. The result is a formidable super-team, experienced and capable of transforming the fortunes of businesses.

Combining abilities and expertise from PPC marketing, SEO, content creation, web development and graphic design, Supersede Media offers a new approach to search marketing. Tailoring services to each company’s specific requirements, wishes and aspirations, we help businesses of all sizes tap into the almost limitless potential of search marketing to accelerate growth.

Over the last few years, we who make up the core Supersede team have enjoyed successful working relationships in various guises, and on a huge variety of projects. Realising our combined experience and expertise were the perfect recipe for a comprehensive search marketing team, in 2015 we banded together to become Supersede Media—hero to our clients, scourge to their competitors.

Meet the Team

  • Samir Ullah

    Samir Ullah

    Managing Director

    Samir is Supersede's Professor X — except his background is in software engineering, search engine optimisation and pay per click (rather than telepathy).

    Having brought together a team of trusted experts, his oversight ensures that Supersede delivers the best possible service and results to its clients.

    Favourite Superhero Deadpool

  • Andy Boardman

    Content Marketer

    Andy’s love of language led him to pursue a degree in French, but nowadays he focuses his attention on his native English—specifically, creating engaging and impactful content that leaves clients wowed and competitors floored.

    Away from his desk, Andy keeps his links to the continent active by travelling there—a lot. When he manages to stay in the country, you’ll either find him trying out a new recipe or meeting up with friends.

    Favourite Superhero Mr. Incredible

  • Bethany Hall

    Content Marketer

    Bethany has been interested in the English language since she was in school, and went on to graduate with a degree in English Literature and Linguistics. She makes use of this experience to provide insightful and humorous content for clients.

    When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Bethany attached to a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.

    Favourite Superhero Wonder Woman

  • Ben Scott

    Content Marketer

    Following his passion for writing, Ben undertook a degree in English Literature from the University of Manchester—the ideal place for him to perfect his penmanship. At Supersede he puts these skills to good use, creating engaging content with an individual twist.

    When he's not working on exciting new copywriting projects, you'll probably find him making music or riding his bike.

    Favourite Superhero Catwoman

  • Isobel Robb

    Content Marketer

    An avid follower of the American political scene, Isobel recently gained a degree in International and Online Journalism. She now combines her retail background and flair for research and writing to create engaging content on a variety of subjects.

    Outside of the office, she’s usually discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

    Favourite Superhero Rogue

  • Katie Scott

    Social Media Manager

    With a degree in Law, Katie appreciates that little details can make all the difference, and embodies brand voices to get companies out there and connecting with their audience. She also writes content, using a healthy dose of creativity to craft each piece, tweaking and fine-tuning until perfection is achieved.

    When she’s not exhibiting her power on social media, Katie can be found darting around the squash courts or engrossed in yet another Netflix drama.

    Favourite Superhero Elastigirl

  • Martin Pennington

    Web Developer

    Supersede utilises Martin’s impressive web development skills throughout all kinds of projects. From installing tracking pixels to optimising shopping data feeds, Martin's the go-to man for technical related PPC tasks.

    As handy as he is in the office, when he’s not glued to his screen, he’s unwinding in the city with friends.

    Favourite Superhero Iron Man

  • Clare Caddick

    Paid Advertising Manager

    Clare has over 11 years of experience with Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, and has dabbled extensively with Facebook and LinkedIn paid advertising.

    Her working week routine tends to go Eat, Sleep, Drink, Repeat Paid Search (!) and on the weekends she enjoys socialising with friends and family.

    Favourite Superhero My Dad!

  • A Headshot Of Mr Supersede

    Mr. Supersede


    Mr. Supersede is just a made up cartoon character that we invented for branding purposes. We thought it might be cool to have a mascot, you see. If you did happen to think he was real, then sorry.

    You can usually find Mr. Supersede on this website. Doubt you'll find him anywhere else, if we're honest.

    Favourite Superhero Mrs. Supersede (Obviously)

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